Gravity Defying Photography

Li Wei is a true artist and he manage to amaze and inspire many with his work. This video shows us how Li Wei works.

Li Wei’s website:

The Road to the Olympics 2014

One way to cover an event is to do it with a bunch of photographers and film crews at the moment it all goes down. Typically this is called journalism. Another way to tell the story is not to tell what is happening, but more why it’s happening. Slow journalism. Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra and writer/filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen are currently working on a series in Sochi, Russia. To cover the events leading up to the Olympic games in 2014. The whole town of Sochi will change in many ways. This is their subject. You can follow their project on

Rob Hornstra’s website:

Close Up: Photographers at Work

Computer Glitch

After a week of computer troubles I’m  finally back to report more about photography. The computer issues I had reminded me of a short documentary about glitch art. Please enjoy this clip.

Impossible Photography

Creating something impossible is what many artists like to do. When it comes to painting or drawing a piece of art, it seems that the artist is free to create anything. In photography this seems harder to do, mainly because of the photorealism that is a big part of our understanding of photography. But with a little manipulation and with some wonderful ideas one can be as free a painter. Erik Johansson is someone who really goes the extra mile when it comes to creating an impossible photograph. And with the photorealism still intact , he manages to create weird, funny and amazingly creative photographs. Watch his TED talk and be amazed by his work.

Erik Johansson’s website:

Joey Lawrence and the Mentawai

Sunday Vid – The Genius of Photography

Today a must see for all photography enthusiast out there. A BBC documentary called The Genius of Photography.

I wasn’t able to integrate the clips into this post so please click the following link to watch it at DocumentaryHeaven: The Genius of Photography

Or if you just want to own this documentary, you can purchase it: DVD – The Genius of Photography 

Sunday Vid – Denis Smith (Painting with Light)

Tangible Value

Next time I’ll find myself in San Francisco, I’ll make sure to pay a visit to Photobooth. And you should too. A retail space for classic camera gear and a gallery. But more importantly a tiny type portrait studio. They will photograph you in a unique way. On an aluminum tin type plate your portraiture is developed  in a 19th century style. This old technique shows the beauty of photography and the quality it has. Co-Founder of Photobooth Michael Shindler started this studio as a way of putting tangible value back into the typically digital medium.

And this tangible value is being put back by many others. Many photographers featured on PforPHOTO still shoot analog, e.g. Ian Ruhter (also tin type), Misha de Ridder and Alec Soth. They often describe one of the reasons of doing so, the focus it ask of you, the photographer. And if you add that wonderful quality it brings about, you can imagine why many artists love analog large format photography. Even I have bought a Linhof 4×5 field camera last year, for the same reasons.

Please watch the clip about Photobooth featured by Cool Hunting below. And the article about Photobooth at Cool Hunting can be found here.

Sunday Vid – Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz and his Street Photography.