International Photography Awards 2012

Normally I don’t use PforPHOTO to talk about my own work. But today I found out that two of my photographs have been awarded an Honorable mention at the IPA, International Photography Awards 2012. Always nice to see something like that. Visit their website to see the winners and the other honorable mentions. Both professional and non-professional photographers have been awarded. So a lot of inspirational work to admire.

IPA’s website

Winner’s Gallery

McDonalds and Photography

Okay, I know PforPHOTO is about the Art of Photography. So a post about McDonalds doesn’t seem to fit in the premise of this website. But really understanding product photography and using it in such a way that people really are getting hungry when looking at them, is an art in its self. So above a video about the way McDonalds photographs their hamburgers. This goes to show what a good photo can do for any product.