True Craftsmanship

Photography is everywhere. Because of cameras getting smaller and smaller every day, the art-form is available to everybody. We see a flood of image making across the web. And with Facebook and Twitter, sharing was never so easy.

But photography started as a true craftsmanship. To make an image, one had to understand chemical processes, the adjustments of a camera and the way light influenced everything. You had to understand many thing before you were able to produce one photograph, and in the beginning of photography often a unique photograph. The first photographers weren’t really photographers. You could see them as scientists or technicians.

There is something quite poetic and beautiful about producing a unique photograph. Ian Ruhter is a modern photographer who missed the feeling of being in a darkroom. He decided to go trough great lengths to be a true craftsman. If you can spare some minutes please watch his movie below or read the interview on CoolHunting.

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