Need To Cool Down?

During the hot summer days we all need water. Drink it, swim in it and cool yourself down with it. And the hot sun burning down on us is perhaps most frustrating for all the bald men out there. Tim Tadder combined bald men with water in an unusual yet wonderful way. Giving them something that might remind the men of a great set of hair, if only for a very short moment. This series is called Water Wigs. 

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Google Road Trip

The United States of America has and will always be a place that will inspire dreams and capture the imagination of many. The greatness of the land, the nature, the mixture of cultures and way of living, it all makes the USA a great place to travel around in. A country made for an epic road trip.

Unfortunately not everybody will be able to travel around in this vast part of the world. But fortunately Google Maps makes it possible to wander around in neighborhoods and trough the states of the Americas from the comfort of your own home. Doug Rickard undertook a trip that lasted around two years. He looked for places with vivid colors and certain compositions. Many have compared it with the works of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. Some of the photos even remind me of paintings by Edward Hopper. Rickard’s series’ called “A New American Picture”. He lets us see a glimpse of americana by using a service meant for many things. And like all artist he makes us look differently at what is in front of us. On the screen and on the streets. So next time you find yourself traveling on your computer, think about Doug Rickard’s wonderful photo series.

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Old + New

Many photographers will find themselves from time to time defending either analog or digital processing. Which is better? And why? Well for me the answer is easy, both are just fine.

L.A. Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin photographed Olympic athletes before they went off to London. He used both a digital and an analog camera. A Canon 5D Mark IIs and a 4×5 inch field camera with a 100+ year oold Petzval lens. Perhaps he had the same discussion and was planning on showing everyone that both ways can deliver wonderful photos. By placing the end results next to each other, the differences become very clear. It’s a game of depth of field against vivid colors. Take your pick. I love them both. So Old vs New? Nah, Old + New is just fine. Watch the video clip below to see Clendenin in action.

LA Times Framework blog

In Full Swing

The Olympics are in full swing. And of course the media is trying to capture all the events in the best and most beautiful way possible. But still images lack a certain something compared to video when it comes to sports. Mike Blake is trying to give photography back that certain something. He is senior photographer for Reuters and trying to achieve something special with the medium we all love. With a system build by Fabrizio Bensch and Pawel Kopczynski, he gives us something video can’t.

For Reuters they developed this system to shoot multiple exposures in one frame. This isn’t new in the world of analog photography or even in digital photography. With Photoshop and all. But cameras are getting better and better, today they allow you to shoot multiple exposures in one frame directly within the camera. No need for expensive and time-consuming software tools. And with the system created by the two gentlemen they are able to stream the photographs into Reuters’ remote editing system. And so the photos can be sent off to clients just minutes later.

Now you can enjoy all the movements an athlete makes within just one single image.

See all the wonderful Multiple exposures here:…

Intense Olympics

The Olympics are almost a week on their way now. Many medals have been won and many tears have been shed. Hours of training resulting in either eternal bliss or quite the opposite. All those sports and emotions reminded me of a photo series.

Back in 2009 I visited the World Press Photo. The photo series the Olympics reminded me of was that of diving men by Vincent Laforet. I liked the photos. But being a photography student at the time,  I felt the need to edit the photos. By taking some pictures with my mobile, I cropped the pictures in a way that the photo’s context didn’t matter anymore. All that is left are the faces of men doing something intense.

Vicent Laforet’s website: