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This week PforPHOTO will get a brand new design. After hours of work I’m finally done and satisfied with the new design. So out with the old and in with the new. On top of the amazing new layout I will start hosting the site myself. I’m sad to be leaving So to all the followers I would like to ask you to stay in touch via www.PforPHOTO.comΒ The new environment will give me more freedom. As I am planning on letting PforPHOTO grow. Self hosting the site will let me grow all I want. And that gives me the opportunity to let PforPHOTO become something special!

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I would also like to use this opportunity to let everybody know that I am looking for a guest poster. Are you fluent in English and are just as crazy about photography as I am? Then please send me an email:

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Dark and Intimidating


Photographer Jonathan Andrew set out to photograph some of the concrete residues of World War II. Bunkers. These bunkers are scattered around the Netherlands and other places in Europe. His long exposure photos deliver an impact that somehow suits the time period in which the bunkers where used. Dark and intimidating. Almost like the feeling one would have when being at war. A great reminder that Europe has been free of war for almost 70 years. If you look around in the world at other continents, one can’t say the same. Let use Jonathan’s work as a reminder and as an inspiration for great photography.

Jonathan Andrew’s website:Β