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This week PforPHOTO will get a brand new design. After hours of work I’m finally done and satisfied with the new design. So out with the old and in with the new. On top of the amazing new layout I will start hosting the site myself. I’m sad to be leaving So to all the followers I would like to ask you to stay in touch via¬†The new environment will give me more freedom. As I am planning on letting PforPHOTO grow. Self hosting the site will let me grow all I want. And that gives me the opportunity to let PforPHOTO become something special!

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I would also like to use this opportunity to let everybody know that I am looking for a guest poster. Are you fluent in English and are just as crazy about photography as I am? Then please send me an email:

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Merry Xmas and an Artful New Year!


I would like wish everyone a merry christmas and a very very good new year! I will be back in 2o13 with lots of interesting photography. See you in 2013!!!



Today is a memorable day for me: Article number 100!

What started as a passion project, to share my passion of photography, has developed into a blog with many visitors. Just shy of 20.000. And from all around the world. I’d like to thank all you photography enthusiasts for coming to PforPHOTO!

I started this blog to see how it would turn out. And seeing that many others are intereseted in the art of photography I am planning to keep on going. I would also like to use this moment to ask for your input. If anyone has anything that they would like to see on PforPHOTO please let me know! I’m also looking for guest bloggers to create posts for PforPHOTO. So if you have a keen eye for wonderful photography and know how to write about it, please let me know. You can email me or just leave a comment.

Again thank you and I hope to see you again on PforPHOTO! ūüôā

International Photography Awards 2012

Normally I don’t use PforPHOTO to talk about my own work. But today I found out that two of my photographs have been awarded an Honorable mention at the IPA, International Photography Awards 2012. Always nice to see something like that. Visit their website to see the winners and the other honorable mentions. Both professional and non-professional photographers have been awarded. So a lot of inspirational work to admire.

IPA’s website

Winner’s Gallery

All Different Shades of Mankind

The color of the skin has been, and unfortunately still is, a reason to discriminate. Somehow we human beings have to label people for our own comfort. And the first impression of someone is one of the mayor influences in this labeling process. But how many colors are there? If you say a person is black, brown, white, yellow, red or something in between, what do you really mean? We only have a few words to define so many colors.

Brazilian artist Angelica Dass started a project¬†called Human√¶. She strives to record and catalog all possible skin tones. By using the PANTONE¬ģ color scheme. Visit her website and look if your skin can find a matching PANTONE¬ģ¬† code.¬†A wonderful project showing us that there isn’t just one black, white, or whatever.

Angelica Dass’ website:¬†


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Top 10 Photography blogs

Photography is everywhere. Especially on the internet. To create a bit more structure of this vast medium, I will post a Top 10 list every now and then. I will kick off with the Top 10 Photography Blogs. Places I like to visit on the web.

#1  500 Photographers by Pieter Wisse
Pieter Wisse simply¬†posts active image-makers until he reaches 500 photographers. The type of photography doesn’t matter. What does matter is if it is worth looking at. And so far, I can only agree with the choices he has made.

¬†“To celebrate image-makers and to highlight the beauty and style of the camera” A showcase of different photographers who show us why and how they work. Every photographer has a showcase of photos and is introduced by an inspiring video.

#3 Foam
Foam is a wonderful place in the center of Amsterdam. It just breaths photography. This museum has also a nice website and a blog. Please give it a go and get inspired.  I know I did.

#4 The New Yorker – Photo Booth
The New Yorker’s¬†photo department blog. Different editors showcase interesting photographers and their projects. Among them James Pomerantz. A photo student. See #5.

#5 A Photo Student
 James Pomerantz blogs about photography. He also links to movies, writings and songs about photography. Goes to show that photography is a cross media medium.

#6 Fieldeye
Hans Aarsman, Dutch photographer/writer, is an expert in analyzing photographs. He has a keen eye for little details. On the blog Fieldeye he shares his views with three other contributors. They see things for that they are. On this blog they share their views with us.

#7 I Love That Photo
An online photography magazine. They try to show the differences or similarities between individual photographers and photography in general. With interviews and a blog they cover the subject of photography.

#8 PhotoQ
A Dutch photography news site. News, discussions, exhibitions, portfolios and even a¬†bulletin board for those who want to share, sell or ask other photo enthusiasts about anything. It’s unfortunate for those who don’t understand Dutch, but since I visit this website a lot, I didn’t want to leave it out of this Top 10 list.

#9 Jeff Curto Photo History
Professor of Photography Jeff Curto at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, records his lectures of his History of Photography class. He posts these lectures as a podcast on this blog. An educational and nice way to learn more about the history of photography.

#10 Solar Photography
Part of Solar Initiative. Some interesting photographers showcase their projects.

Visual Poetry


Spanish photographer Chema Madoz is a true visual poet. He is able to melt ordinary objects together into something very unique. He teaches us something about looking. He does this as no other.

The minimalistic way of presenting us this surreal reality is just marvelous. By only showing what is needed, and by doing so in black and white, he plays with our visual senses.


You and I

We are all individuals. We all seem unique in our own special way. Yet we all share our uniqueness with other individuals. Whether it is our behavior or the way we are expressing ourselves.

Danish photographer Peter Funch shows us our uniqueness in his series Babel Tales. By shooting commonalities over a period of time and editing them into a single frame. Funch gives us¬†a surreal look into our day-to-day lives. And with it the¬†similarities¬†we share with other individuals. Showing us we aren’t that different after all.

But we are different. At least in a way. Dutch photographer Ari Versluis and dutch profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek are focussing on the social groups we dress ourselves into. With their series Exactitudes (a contraction of exact and attitude) they give an overview on how different people dress in a simular way. And by doing so, you become part of a certain social group.

The way you behave or express might not be a conscious decision. But the mentioned artists do show us a typical human trade. We are all social beings. And social means to collectively co-exist with like-minded ones. And if by doing so you have to dress a similar way, well why not.

Hate it or Love it

Just like 50 Cent and The Game once elegantly rapped: Hate it or Love it. I am talking about the works of Terry Richardson. He photographs with a style that can be described as raw. The technique he uses doesn’t make his photographs that special. He manages to ‘strip’ his subject to just that, the subject. With often not more then a white background. Your focus can only go where he wants you to go, to the subject. He makes them act crazy, act sexy or act both ways. It seems so simple, yet it is such a direct and graphically interesting way of shooting one can only applaud the success he has with it. Thumbs up!