Old + New

Many photographers will find themselves from time to time defending either analog or digital processing. Which is better? And why? Well for me the answer is easy, both are just fine.

L.A. Times photographer Jay L. Clendenin photographed Olympic athletes before they went off to London. He used both a digital and an analog camera. A Canon 5D Mark IIs and a 4×5 inch field camera with a 100+ year oold Petzval lens. Perhaps he had the same discussion and was planning on showing everyone that both ways can deliver wonderful photos. By placing the end results next to each other, the differences become very clear. It’s a game of depth of field against vivid colors. Take your pick. I love them both. So Old vs New? Nah, Old + New is just fine. Watch the video clip below to see Clendenin in action.

LA Times Framework blog

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  1. I agree with you – old/new, pros/cons, apples/oranges, all are good; it depends what you fancy at the time. Saying that, depth of field just edges it for me in most of the works here.

    • I have to agree with you too. The depth of field edges it in these portraits. But I bet for a magazine cover or something like that, the digital ones really pop. The colors would really attract customers.


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