Who’s your favorite artist?

Which photographer/artist is your favorite? And why?

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  1. Definitely Ansel Adams because not only were his photos beautiful but they really did make a difference. Plus, I have a great respect for anyone who chooses to shoot in black and white.

    • Ansel Adams, yes very very good photographer/artist. The way he understood light and knew how to capture it was just wonderful. Plus the razor sharp images of the wonderful nature in the USA. I love his photograph Moonrise Hernandez, New Mexico.

      Thanks for your comment Beka!

  2. Artist: Caravaggio. Photographer/artist: Mapplethorpe. Both radical bad boys; both got me to care about art and what it can do; both looked great in black.

  3. I have a list of favorites actually. I’ll go quick into two of them here (and then write a post about the rest later since I don’t want to leave an entire essay as a comment). My favorite photographers are Ansel Adams, Andreas Feininger, Roy DeCarava, Robert Disneau, Alfred Eisenstaedt

    I know that he is a little obvious but I love Ansel Adams. I recently saw some of his darkroom prints and was absolutely blown away. I loved his work in print (publications) but the REAL prints he made are absolutely gorgeous. In all honesty, looking at the work he did with his own hands changed the way I see landscapes (and got me to start my “large format fund”). He was the MASTER of the craft of photography.

    As far as photojournalists or street photographers, I have a number of photographers I greatly admire. Which one is my favorite really depends on who’s book I looked through most recently; currently it’s Roy Decarava.DeCarava shows such tenderness and calm in his pictures (even when photographing the Civil Rights movement. I love that he tends toward low key (dark tones) without making the photographs ominous or emotionally dark. He also tends more towards fine art than the later work of street photographers; there is balance and compositional beauty seen in every photograph of his.


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